Image Masking Service

Image masking is one of the key services of Online Clipping Path (OCP). Image masking is actually one of the basic processes when it comes to image processing. Masking is the process of removing image background that has blurred portions or other elements such as hair portions. Through masking, eliminating, extracting and/or detaching the object from the rest of the elements in the image is possible through this technique.

Masking layers have many advantages over other masking types and forms since they lead to distinct changes with less amount of distortion. As such, image masking technique is highly applicable to any object within faded images for professional effects. This results to very sharp images that you can confidently upload on your portals. Our experts at OCP review the image to decide which the most appropriate masking technique to use is. This is our way of providing our clients with excellent images.

Basically, image masking is not without difficulties. Masking an image effectively is not only time-consuming, but it is also strenuous. Perhaps, this is because of the fact that masking greatly depends on the complexity of the image that regardless of such complexity, fine detailing is required. Good thing there are many tools and techniques in Photoshop that can be used in performing an image masking task. But then again, only the professionals can mask the image using these tools and techniques.

Image masking is laborious and only the experts can complete masking to perfection. OCP is manned with experts on image masking technique among our other image processing services. While image masking is definitely a lengthy job to perform, our experts are highly skilled in doing such. They perform the image masking technique task fast without sacrificing the quality of image.

OCP ensures that any and all of the image masking services we render undergo meticulous processes to give our clients with the highest quality services possible at very affordable rates. The masking job is handled by only the image masking experts because we do not job swap, that is, if an expert specializes in clipping path, he or she will only work on clipping path jobs. Through this, we can only give you high quality image masking service at a cost that is most acceptable to our clients. Our team of image masking experts usually works with high volumes of images on a regular basis, perfecting each tool’s use and all techniques applied. Impress your target audience or market with high quality images.