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A great photo with an affordable price is a big advantage for any company to carry on their marketing strategies. This is the vision of OCP whose photo-editing services are very much affordable without compromising quality. And this is very much possible because they are situated in the most advantageous location where they could find affordable yet reliable resources. They are even offering free services to try and test their credibility. is offering their photo-editing services into more affordable prices starting from$.49 up to $50 or more. The range of prices depends upon the complexity of the editing processes. The main reason for this is because their company is situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh; thus they have plenty of affordable professionals who are globally competitive. And that is an advantage not only for them; but also for their clients all over the world.

About Photo-Editing Services

OCP is offering different kinds of photo-editing services. The prices of each service may vary depending upon the level of complexity needed for its success. For a more specific data, the following will magnify the range of prices in each service.

Photo Clipping Path

Photo Clipping Path is very affordable starting at a price of $.49 to $4.99. These ranges of prices differ depending upon the degree of complexity of the processes needed to be done.

Image Masking

Image masking is divided into three categories and these are the Alpha, Channel and Layer. Each category can fall into four different types. These are simple, compound, complex, and super complex. So, each type has an equivalent price starting from $1.49 to $ 5.3.

Image Manipulation

Image manipulation has four categories. These are the Neck Joint, 2D Manipulation, 3D Manipulation and Enhancements. The prices start at $1.99 to $3.99.

Image Retouching

Retouching is categorized into three: Beauty, fashion and Branded Products. And the prices will range from $.99 to $2.99 depending upon the simplicity and complexity of the whole process.

Shadow Effects

There are four kinds of Shadow Effects; these are Drop Shadow, Natural Shadow, Natural Drop Shadow and Reflection Shadow. And these may cost at $.99 to $1.49 only.

Raster Vector

This service may cost more compare to the other services. Actually, this is grouped into four: JPEG, PNG, FPS and AI. Each group has a price of $8.99.

These are only few among of the many services being offered by OCP company. The prices are very affordable at a high quality service. So it is a big advantage for other companies to use these kinds of services because these can prove that everything is cheaper in a borderless economy.